Insurance House is pleased to announce a new partnership with Pilates Alliance Australasia. This bond offers Pilates method practitioners the very best insurance coverage from a provider you can trust .

Pilates Alliance is an independent regulatory association that strives to establish and maintain quality and integrity within all approaches of the Pilates method, setting guidelines for instruction, studios and certification programs.

Together, Insurance House and Pilates Alliance are now able to offer innovative products to members in an area that has been lacking for years. For the very first time, PAA members will receive highly qualified and expert advice along with products specifically tailored to your profession.

Some of the great benefits we offer you include:

  • Low premium costs
  • Broad professional indemnity and liability coverage
  • Guaranteed 48-hour turnaround in all paperwork
  • Broad personal accident & illness, office and studio, travel, and personal insurances
  • Clear policies with optional extras.

Our Pilates Alliance partners believe our service to be possibly the best-priced in Australia and are thrilled with the value their members receive.

As a result of our close relationship with PAA, Insurance House understands your needs and is glad to offer valued Pilates instructors a unique insurance program that gives you the right coverage at the best value.

Talk with one of our specialist brokers today to find out more.