Life & Disablement

If you have a serious accident or illness and were unable to work again, could those who depend on you shoulder the ongoing financial responsibilities? Life and Disablement Insurance from Insurance House ensures that you are protected should this occur.

Our specialised Life and Disablement cover is designed to help take the pressure off you financially and provide financial assistance to pay for medical expenses or fund permanent lifestyle changes.

If you are unable to work again, you will be paid a lump sum to help:

  • Cover everyday household expenses
  • Pay out your debts
  • Assist with your recovery and the ongoing support for your family

Definitions and choices can be complex and the decisions made upon application can make a big difference to your outcomes if you do have a claim. That’s why our Life Insurance specialists will help you make the right choice by guiding through all of the various options available to you, contact our office today to be put in touch with an Insurance House Life broker.

For a general understanding of how much cover may be right for you, please use our online calculator.