Investment Fund Managers Insurance

Don’t let unforeseen litigation costs undermine your performance and the returns of the funds you manage. As a Fund Manager you may thrive on forging through the highs and lows of the market, but in a litigious environment volatility makes you vulnerable to attack. There are some dangers that the strongest expertise and most flawless performance record can’t deflect.

At Insurance House, we closely examine industry and regulatory trends affecting investment managers and develop fund manager insurance that covers the most glaring and hidden of exposures. Current trends which increase vulnerability to attack from investors and shareholders include:

  • Improved investor knowledge and heightened investor and regulator scrutiny
  • The changing structure and inter-relationship between investment management companies and investment funds
  • Growth in financial market volatility, declining returns, sales of unsuitable financial products and provision of unreliable advice
  • Expanding capital flows, structured finance products and complex investment schemes.

In addition, investment managers are likely to owe duties, as both company officers and as professionals, to shareholders, investors, employees and third parties. One mistake may lead to claims from any or all of these parties.

Our polices and staff respond to all claim types encountered by investment managers, property fund managers, responsible entities, investment trusts or funds and their professionals, and directors and officers.