"Your attention, professionalism and incredible support offered to us has been second to none. It has left both Ella and I
touched and incredibly grateful"

John - Spouse

Craig went searching for the clause under which the insurer were denying the claim. Noticing it was not included in the Policy Definitions section where you would typically expect but in a more obscure section he challenged it with the State Claims Manager. 

Craig stated that the clause was deceptive as it was buried in fine print and also argued that it was  against industry standards. Initial discussions with the State Claims Manager didn't go well and they upheld the denial. 

Craig refused to accept this response and pressed on. He researched the market, comparing various income protection policies and found that the holding insurer was the only one on our approved panel that carried this clause.

With this information Craig went back to the insurer  and made a formal complaint. Arguing that their policy had a sub-standard clause and  had he know this he would have placed cover for his client elsewhere.

The complaint was referred to the insurers Board who upheld Craig's complaint and approved the claim.

Payment of $122,000 was made to Ella and the claim was settled. 

During the time that it took for Craig to challenge the insurer and have his clients claim approved, Ella and her family were experiencing severe financial difficulty and at risk of losing their home. 

The claim settlement helped secure their home and has made a real difference to their lives. 

“You need to know that acts such as yours can and do change peoples lives and the world would be a much better place if it had more people like you in it.”  - John

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