Q: Am I covered for accidental damage?

A: Not automatically. This is an option to discuss with your dedicated Insurance House Account Manager.

Q: Are my carpets and blinds insured under building or contents?

A: Your carpets are covered by your home contents. But again check with your Insurance House Account Manager.

Q: What are specified items?

A: Policies have certain limits for particular higher risk items. Items exceeding these limits need to be specifically listed. Sometimes insurers will request valuations, and proof of ownership in event of a claim. 

Specified items within the home normally do not generate extra premium cost. But specified valuables covered away form the home will generate additional premium costs.

Q: Does the contents policy cover item automatically away from my home?

A: No. You will need to include the valuables option and your valuables will be covered for accidental loss or damage anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and be extended worldwide.

Q: Am I covered for flood?

A: Generally most insurers now include flood. But please check with your Insurance house Account Manager.

Q: If I go on holidays, do I need to let you know that the house will be unoccupied?

A: If your house will unoccupied beyond 60 days you should contact your account manager as restrictions can apply.

Q: My bank has asked for a certificate of currency – what is this?

A: The certificate of currency is a document that outlines your insurance policy details and will confirm your banks interest in your home if necessary.

Q: When do I need to insure my brand new house?

A: When your certificate of handover is provided by your builder.

Q: Is removal of debris covered?

A: Yes generally as part of your sum insured. You will be covered for debris removal if repairs, replacement or if a rebuild required after a claim. Always make allowance in your sum insured for removal of debris which can be very costly.

Q: How can I calculate my sum inured?

A: Contact your dedicated Insurance House Account Manager who will guide you through the best process.

Q: What happens when I need to claim?

A: Simply call our claims team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on our toll free number on 1800 305 834. Refer to the following link here to access our online claims system (http://www.claimpro.com.au)