If you have a new claim to report, please contact a claims officer on 1300 305 834 during office hours.

To check the status of a current claim you can contact a member of our claims team during office hours on the above number, alternatively scroll down to learn more about accessing our online portal ClaimPro to view the status of your claim.

When you suffer a loss we understand it’s a delicate situation and we mean it when we say we really care.
Insurance House offers a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week Emergency Claims Assistance Line in addition to the aforementioned ClaimPro system, which allows you to monitor the progress of your claim at your discretion.


We act proactively

Deliver what we promise

Communicate clearly

Negotiate fairly


Online claims system

Allows you to view updates

Transparency assured

PC, Phone & Tablet compatible


In the event of a emergency call 1300 305 834

We will respond

Arrange what is needed to assist you

Provide you with comfort & advice

How do you access ClaimPro?

  • Click here to access our online claims system which provides you with real time status updates of your claim. (You will need to have obtained a password from us to use this facility which you will have received when we confirm to you the claim lodgement. But call us on 1800 305 834 if you have lost your password.)
  • Login with your email address and password we provide to you in an email, check the client box and login
  • All of your current live claims will appear on the “My Claims” page
  • Choose “View Claim” next to the specific claim that are seeking an update of the latest information’
  • Note that you can change your password by selecting “My Account”.

Our Commitment and Promise

  • We will pro-actively manage every claim,
  • We will ensure that we deliver fast and reliable responses,
  • We will ensure that we make accurate decisions,
  • We will negotiate honestly and fairly on your behalf,
  • We will deliver what we promise,
  • We will provide clear and excellent communications,
  • We will always display empathy,
  • We will manage expectations and provide choices,
  • We will comply with any legislation or code effecting claims management