Weather Insurance

The recent spate of natural disasters in Australia and overseas has forced businesses to consider additional types of insurance for financial loss, specifically due to weather-related perils. Most businesses already carry insurance for physical loss or damage caused by natural disasters, including flood, bushfire and earthquake. Yet often they do not consider protection for potential financial losses caused by drought, excess rainfall, wind, and frost.

Financial losses due to weather-related perils can be severe and can arise from an almost any source. Examples can include adverse weather resulting in reduced demand for products or services, delays in fulfilling contractual obligations and destruction of crop, goods or products.

Thankfully Insurance House has designed a Weather Insurance product specifically tailored to protect Australian businesses from weather related events. Claim payments are often based on a weather related index for the ‘trigger event’ and are tailored with our unique climate conditions in mind.

Industries we support:

  • Farmers & Croppers
  • Public Utilities (Power, Water)
  • Entertainment and Events
  • Manufacturers (rural chemical or fertiliser manufacturers for example)
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Civil Works
  • Tourism

Contact our office to speak with a specialist broker about our Weather insurance product.