Structural Defects

The commercial building and construction industry is highly demanding and volatile. As a consequence, a Structural Defects insurance program is essential for ensuring the right level of protection for individual builders and construction businesses. New developments, innovative materials and designs as well as cost and time pressures create potential hazards for the effective delivery of a defect-free project.

Without adequate protection, any defect could result in destruction or physical damage of the building, or a regulatory authority closing down your construction site. Insurance House offers the expertise and experience necessary to give you specialised Structural Defects protection.

Through our close London insurance market connections and intricate knowledge of the Australian building industry, you’ll receive competitively priced protection that meets all government requirements.

The benefits of our Structural Defects cover include:

  • Full exposure analysis
  • Liability protection for faulty or defective workmanship
  • Dedicated Account broker
  • Fast in-house Claims team
  • Access to Risk Management tools and insights

Speak with a member of our Building and Construction division today, we’ll provide a full assessment of your portfolio and the immediate risks you face.