Portable Equipment

Businesses have never been more mobile, with portable technology opening the doors to many exciting opportunities with clients and employees. But a rise in portability of equipment has also brought about its own unique set of challenges and risks, and insurance for Portable Equipment has never been more vital.

Many businesses use laptops, mobiles and tablets for communications whilst travelling. These items can be very expensive to replace, so a Portable Equipment policy from Insurance House can give you peace of mind for when equipment goes missing or gets damaged.

Our Portable Equipment insurance provides cover throughout Australia, with options for world-wide protection. With a tailored policy we can protect:

  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Digital Cameras, DSLR’s and video equipment
  • Hand-held mobile technology
  • Portable computer equipment
  • Visual display equipment

Protecting your valuable portable business equipment against physical loss, destruction or damage is critical to keeping your workforce active, with minimal disruption to operations and profits. Speak with a specialist broker to discuss a solution to protect your portable equipment today.