Marine Carriers

For many transport operators it is tempting to let insurance go, particularly if your loads are not valuable enough to insure. But often it can be difficult to quantify the true value of your load and the number of exposures you face.

Our Goods in Transit Insurance is an annual cover where premium is based on the value of goods in transit, at the insured’s risk, during the policy period. It’s a flexible and convenient policy tailored to your immediate risks and exposures.

Insurance House’s marine policies can cover everything from stock, equipment, livestock, refrigerated produce and liquids and also include cover for additional expenses such as failure of refrigerated machinery, shedding of load, loading and unloading, clean-up costs, packaging, and re-securing.

Insurance House can assist with:

  • Transits of cargo whether by road, rail, air or sea.
  • Can cover stock, equipment, livestock, refrigerated produce, liquids etc.
  • Covers truck owner-operators and small fleet clients against loss or damage to goods in transit in Australia

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