Management Liability

Management Liability Insurance is a vital component in any private company's insurance portfolio. It’s a known fact that many private Australian companies continue to operate unaware of serious gaps in their cover for management-related risks. All too often protection in this area is ignored, leaving not only the directors and officers exposed, but also the company itself.

Management Liability Insurance from Insurance House is specifically tailored to protect private companies and their directors. It’s more comprehensive than traditional directors and officers insurance as it protects both the financial wellbeing of the company and the personal wealth of its directors and officers.

The policy specifically covers the directors personally and the company for claims made by or resulting from government agencies, OH&S breaches, creditors, legislative breaches, competitors and shareholders. It rolls several insurance policies into one to offer comprehensive protection across a range of management exposures.

These include:

  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Employment Liability Insurance
  • Superannuation Trustees Liability Insurance
  • Employee Crime Insurance
  • Crisis Loss and Public Relations Insurance

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