Deterioration of Stock

No matter what form of goods transport you operate you’ll no doubt understand the risks associated with the storage of goods in a refrigerated environment. Instances where power is compromised, damage is caused to the vehicle or a breakdown occurs, all of these things can severely impact the reliability of climate controlled systems.

Insurance House has developed a policy for these unique risks with our Deterioration of Stock policy, delivering unmatched protection for the cost of damage to goods as a result of a rise or fall in temperature to the storage environment.

Our cover provides protection for

  • Damage to goods not in a cold chamber, but would have been had an accident not occurred
  • The action of escaping refrigerant fumes
  • The accidental failure of the public electricity supply

Speak with our specialised Transport team to devise a policy based on your equipment and fleet requirements. You’ll be assigned a personalised broker that will work with you to best minimise your risks and improve overall efficiency of the business. We also have a dedicated Risk Management and Claims department available to you in the event of a crisis.