Contract Works

The construction industry has always been volatile, but with the current economic climate there are more dangers than ever before for contractors. With financial institutions reluctant to fund projects, and an ever-increasing pressure on liability, it is only common sense to have complete cover that is designed specifically for your individual needs.

Our specialised Contract Works Insurance provides cover against risks associated with civil, commercial and residential construction projects. And are designed to assist builders and contractors to meet their contractual obligations.

Some of our packages include:

  • Annual Contract Works Floater
  • Single Project, Project Specific Insurance or Owner-Builder
  • Advanced Loss of Profits or Delayed Start Up Insurance
  • Commercial Builders Structural Defects Liability
  • Residential Builders Warranty
  • Professional Indemnity

Insurance House also offers policy support for costs of demolition and other costs associated with restoring a worksite in the event of loss or damage.

With our market knowledge and contacts we are able to tailor packages with enhanced levels of coverage that personally fit the unique situations that may arise for each of our clients. Because of this, we can offer optimised coverage and value, saving you precious time, money and worry.