Business Interruption

Lack of protection for Business Interruption is a key cause of underinsurance in Australia. If your business was seriously damaged by fire, how long would it take you to become profitable again? Would general cover for material damage be enough to get the wheels back in motion? What if you had to stop operating altogether, could you repay your debts and your staff?

Economic uncertainty makes Business Interruption Insurance all the more crucial, delivering adequate safeguards should disaster strike. A standalone Business Interruption package is built to protect your cash flow in a crisis, including:

  • Profits: it restores profits you would have earned without interruption to your operations
  • Debts and Expenses: it services your debt and meets payment of fixed expenses
  • Production: it funds increased operation expenses to maintain production
  • Employees: it meets payment of staff salaries and redundancy payments if employees need to be laid off

Business Interruption insurance should be carefully assessed and implemented. We’re backed by an in-house Risk Management team that can work with you across many areas of your organisation, providing tools and benchmarking techniques to complement your insurance coverage, deliver efficiency and cost savings. Speak with a specialised broker today to guide you through the process.