Managing your customers one by one

Make a list of your top five current customers, and another list of the top five customers you’d like to have. What is your plan to grow your current accounts and get those five others that would make such a big difference in your business? The answer may be Account Based Marketing.

Smart things to do when sales are down

Regardless of the type of business you own or manage, from time to time, sales will tank.

Unless you’re selling a seasonal product the reason for this slowdown might be:

  • Market changes
  • Dated products
  • Poor marketing

or any one of a number of other factors. Notwithstanding the reason, here are some things you should consider.

Ask yourself – are my sales figures telling the whole story?

Building a Business Brand

If you are like most businesses it is important constantly look for ideas to grow.

Building a Business Image or “Branding” as the marketing gurus call it is part art, part science, although there is more art than science involved. The art of branding requires you to create something contagious that infects people with enthusiasm, makes it easy for them to try it and enlists their help in spreading the word, and building a “community”.

Insurance is Complex

Not a lot of small business owners understand the nuances when it comes to insurance.

Business interruption policies insure the businesses cash flow. There is much more to protecting a business than simply insuring its assets. Owners and investors expect income and income is required to pay the operating costs of the business.





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