Cyber Attack is the new BLACK

Fifteen years ago if you were listening to the news you probably wouldn’t have been so wrong in thinking that if you were hearing the words ‘cyber attack’ and ‘hackers’ that the news reader may have been talking about the latest big screen action blockbuster. Fast forward to today and buzz words like ‘cyber criminals’ are no longer reserved for film villains – it’s a simple fact now – cyber threat has become a way of life.

No travel insurance? Don't Travel!

They say that if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.

Right about now, you might be asking yourself… Is travel insurance REALLY a must?

Because what are the chances that something horrific is going to happen to ME?

Do I really need it?

Queensland businesses under the microscope following WorkCover Audit

650 Queensland businesses were recently audited by WorkCover and the findings revealed that uninsured business accounted for approximately 260 claims in 2015, costing the scheme close to $6.5 million.

Additionally the audit revealed 15 per cent of employers did not declare superannuation as part of their assessable wages, 8 per cent failed to declare wages paid to contractors, and 3 per cent were uninsured.

$6m Victorian quad bike rebate scheme ‘will save lives.’


Eligible Victorian farmers will be offered up to $600 each for up to two quad bikes to fit rollover protection (known as an operator protection device, or OPD), or $1200 towards the cost of buying a more appropriate work vehicle under a $6 million rebate scheme announced by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews at the Victorian Farmers Federation annual conference in Melbourne last week.

NSW Raising the Bar on Quad Safety, Leaving Victorian Farmers Behind.


The Weekly Times reported recently that Victorian farmers will continue to foot the bill for ATV safety measures despite NSW’s decision to offer financial assistance.

The NSW Government last week announced a $2 million program aimed at reducing ATV deaths in NSW, with a cash rebate of $500 being made available to NSW farmers. NSW Farmers will administer the rebate, which will be available from mid-July.





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