Good Advice Is Good Business

We find ourselves living in interesting economic times.

Oil and commodity prices are falling through the floor. Politicians are unable to sell a balanced budget. There is unprecedented turmoil in the Middle East and in Europe the Greek crisis is unfolding daily.

In the past you have probably you’ve weathered storms using your experience, judgment and instincts. But now what?

Are you insuring yourself, without realising it?

Are you insured, yes or no?

Many insurance policies have what is known as a co-insurance clause.

In simple terms, what it means is, that in the event of a claim, if your property or business is under-insured, or not insured for it’s full value, the insurance company can discount your claim.

This can happen even if you have a partial claim.

Can Affiliate Marketing Work for You?

Affiliate marketing can be a highly effective business tool since it harnesses the networks and leads of one company to help grow another.

While affiliate marketing is available in a variety of contexts and markets, service providers are in a particularly good position to use affiliate marketing to their benefit.

Affiliate Marketing





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