Harvest Season – Safety Update

Harvest season

By Richard Read 

With Harvest soon to commence for many of you I thought it would be an opportune to send out a reminder regarding harvest safety.

Below is a reminder of key areas to address for harvest.

7 Things You Cannot Ignore When It Comes to Your Commercial Building Insurance

Central business district

The cost of being underinsured as a business owner can be dire. When running a tight annual budget, you can’t afford to lose any money (even small sums) due to destruction to your business property.

Yet, so many insurance providers and consumers underestimate the total cost of rebuilding and replacing valuable business assets.

Insure Against Bad Luck? Yes You Can!

We’re all human right.

We can be clumsy and drop things or forgetful and lose things. We all know ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, it’s not bad voodoo usually just bad luck! But what if you could actually insure your families belongings against life’s ‘oops’ and ‘uh oh’ moments?

2015 – 2016 Claims Report

Insurance House Client Feedback

A strategic objective for 2015 - 2016 was to measure the performance of our customers’ claims experience. To our knowledge no other broking firm has undertaken a project to this specific level.

The objective in conducting a customer satisfaction survey was to measure and understand our performance and to determine whether the management of the claim:




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