Workers Compensation & COVID-19 | Information for employers



As workplaces transition to working from home, it is important to be aware of your responsibilities as an employer in this environment. WorkSafe Victoria have released a COVID-19 Information for Employers fact sheet, however the information is applicable to all other states.

Some key points covered include:

Insurance House pledges to #stayathome



The Coronavirus crisis has changed our lives in ways that we couldn't imagine when we first heard about it at the beginning of the year. As everyone adjusts to the new normal, we wanted to share what we believe are the most important things to remember during this time.


Take care of yourself and others

How cyber scammers are preying on Coronavirus fears



Every time there's a huge global crisis, like the current COVID-19 outbreak, scammers and cyber criminals swoop in to exploit the situation. This is especially risky when businesses are forced to use more technology - making us more at risk from cyber crime such as data breaches, ransomware and other exploits.

Are psychologists covered by insurance when working remotely?



At Insurance House we understand that given COVID-19 restrictions, many practitioners are now switching from face-to-face consultations to online-based video or audio services - in order to continue to provide services to their clients.





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