Your Business Needs to Tweet

Do you use twitter to grow your business?

Twitter can be a valuable asset to your business but unfortunately many business people aren’t using it to its full potential.

Using Twitter for your business is easy. Here are some of the easy-to-do ways you can use Twitter:

Use Twitter lists

Over time there are more and more people you need to follow: suppliers, customers, competitors, other neighboring businesses, etc.

With more and more people to keep up with, you easily get lost and miss important tweets. If you want to make sure you are not missing out on anything, group them into Twitter lists. For those of you who don’t want everything to be open to public, you can also make private lists. This way no one can see who you follow, but everything you say to those people is still public, so watch out.

Whatever you choose, this feature will make your Twitter experience easier and much more organised.

Use visuals

Twitter allows you to change the colour of your profile page and to customise it.

You can use this to add extra info, highlight important information and customize your profile so you become instantly recognisable. Also, update your profile picture from time to time. When you change your profile photo, don’t upload any kids or pets photos, keep it professional and business related, otherwise people might not take you seriously.

In most cases, if you are a businessperson, a company logo is your profile picture. Make sure your logo fits into the square and that it’s readable.

Update your Twitter Biography

Update your bio every 6 months so it doesn’t’ get stale. People should know what have you been up to, and not changing your bio might seem like you’re not progressing. Rewrite it every now and then so it convinces your potential new customers how you can help them, what you do, and don’t forget to show a little personality as well!

Cross out People who aren’t active

A lot of people who have a Twitter account aren’t tweeting. Your list is already jammed, so don’t waste your space on users who are inactive. There are tools that can help you get rid of inactive users, one of them being Untweeps for those of you who need it.

Connect Twitter account to your blog

If you have an engaging and useful conversation going on Twitter, or an interesting topic, mention it in your blog. You can embed your tweet into your blog, and people can respond to it. It basically means you can write a blog about your tweet and people who read your blog can respond to it on your blog which will be seen on your Twitter account as well.

Grow your business by tweeting.





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