Winning Back Lost Customers

As business owners we hate losing customers. Why does it happen and what can we do about it?

Here are some things you need to do if you want your customers to be loyal again.

Find Out Why They Left

If you lost a major client and you want them back, the first logical step is to find out why they left. It’s sometimes difficult to identify the core reason but keep them on your mailing list. Asking questions to learn more shows that you are interested. Stay in touch.

If price turns out to be the issue, then you’ll know there’s inconsistency between what you offer and what they consider it’s worth.  Work out how to either add value or position your product differently. It might be as simple as getting strong testimonials from happy customers.

Always try to find out the exact reason why a customer left. This may not bring back a disgruntled person, but the information will definitely be useful for keeping a customer who is thinking of walking out the door.

Train Your Employees

The most common reasons customers walk are lack of regular contact or perceived bad service. If you want to protect your business and regain trust, first thing you have to do is to train your employees to stay in touch on a regular basis. Send newsletters, card and hand-written notes.

Employees need to be confident and motivated to perform at their highest level.

Offer Something They Can’t Refuse

Client win-back strategies can be tricky, especially if there’s been loss of trust but they are seldom irreparable.

Offer lost and formerly loyal customers special discounts, giveaways, a new product or a service or an invitation to a special event. Think about giving them weekend discounts or “Buy Two, Get One Free” deals on high margin products.

Offering a giveaway can be a powerful and effective marketing strategy if you want to regain lost trust but the best strategy is to look after your customers in the first place.





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