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People truly are at the heart of Insurance House. Insurance House's clients are people in regional towns and busy inner-city hubs, people investing in start-ups and running third generation family owned businesses. People who simply need insurance for their home or car.

To bring everything we do back to people, we're changing what we call our brokers. They're not just insurance brokers, they're Relationship Managers because insurance is so much more than just organising a policy. It's about building and maintaining a relationship with people, with our clients. This change reflects our promise to connect and really understand our clients and their business.

A Relationship Manager's first job is to reach out, ask clients how they are and listen. Secondly it's to find a meaningful solution that their client can see the value in. During COVID-19 our services are essentially uninterrupted. We're still listening and we're still providing our clients with meaningful solutions, day in, day out. 

Because to listen, all you need to do is pick up a phone and start a conversation.


Innovation during COVID-19

We know that COVID-19 has brought about an uncertain and challenging time for many, including our clients. We understand each client's circumstances are different and the current climate is impacting them professionally and personally on different levels. 

We've been responsive and proactive. We've communicated important information about how this crisis may affect their insurance policy and what it may mean for them.

We've been innovative and imaginative, coming up with unique solutions for this unique situation. Our Life team has volunteered to answer any questions about life insurance from clients that may not have life insurance policies with us, because sharing knowledge and reassuring people is more important than whether they have a life policy with us.

Our Relationship Managers - normally spread across 13 locations, but now working under new COVID-19 conditions - are taking extra special care with their clients by taking the time to connect with them and see if they have been impacted by COVID-19.

"It's the level of connection we have with our clients and the fact that we truly care about them, their businesses and their families in our local community. This is what sets us apart from our competitors," said Chris Mansfield, one of Port Macquarie's Relationship Managers.

"We are listening more than talking. We are checking in on them and seeing how COVID-19 is impacting their business. We are making every conversation a reassuring one, so that our clients have one less thing to be worrying about," he continued.

Not only this, more businesses in the community are turning to the Insurance House Port Macquarie team during COVID-19 - a trend we're likely to see across all our locations. Local business owners are seeking advice from their trusted advisors who are in turn, referring them to Insurance House Port Macquarie. Chris puts this down to the strong relationships that the Insurance House team have in the Port Macquarie community. "We have credible and established relationships with so many local accountants, financial service providers and other key local businesses," he said.


Seeing the value in insurance

Why do we do what we do? We believe in the products we sell, the protection they provide and most importantly, in getting it right. Insurance is not a one size fits all product. It's technical and can be complicated. Going at it alone or buying insurance online may end up costing you more if the cover isn't right for your business.

Most of all, we believe wholeheartedly in providing our clients with the right level of advice so that we can help them protect their livelihoods and everything that they've worked hard to build.

With over 30,000 clients and 37 years of experience, we're bigger than you think. To learn about Insurance House, get in touch with one of our Relationship Managers via email ih@ihgroup.com.au or call 1300 305 834.


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