Why Businesses Need to Protect The Money Earners


In other words the real profit comes from human assets. The skill, judgement and initiative of the key players; whether they are managers, sales people or specialists.

Most businesses owners would not dream of operating without insuring their physical assets. However, very few apply the same principle to insuring their human assets. A business can be likened to a three-legged stool where the legs are capital, labour and management. If one leg is missing the stool will fall over.

The same principle applies in a business because management makes the other two legs (of the business) successful.

What would happen to your business if the people with the management and specialist skills were not there? If they died or became disabled? Would bank loans need to be repaid? Would suppliers start to worry? Would customers go somewhere else?

Insurance can protect both capital and revenue. Capital pays out debts and releases a deceased estate and surviving business owners from personal guarantees; and revenue provides a "cash cushion" to stabilise a business during any readjustment period following the death of the key player.

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