Why blogs work

There’s so much blogging on the Internet that we now tend to take it for granted. But blogging can be a strategic tool for your business.


The main thing is to have a well-defined and specific objective. You will need to be clear as to what it is you want to achieve. Otherwise, the time, effort and resources you have expended are likely to go down the drain without any significant results. Start by asking yourself who you want to read your blog; where they are likely to read articles, and how you can get your posts onto those sites.

Blogging can give you exposure that is targeted.  

You can’t generate sales unless the world knows your business exists. Just because you may have set up your website doesn’t mean the traffic and sales leads will start to magically appear. It doesn’t work that way. You’ll need to go out and tell your potential customers about your business and that you’ve got the right solutions to their problems. Good, informative and engaging blogging to your target customers is a great way to promote your message

Blogging can get you relevant traffic.

One of the great advantages of targeted blogging is that it tends to draw the right type of traffic to your website. SEO’s and other social media marketing methods also help in generating traffic, but they are often less targeted.

Blogging raises your credibility.

When you post a high value article on your own or any of the blogs that cater to your target customers, it acts as an endorsement of your brand. It raises your chances of converting readers into buyers.

Blogging gets you connected.   In every industry, there are people who are influencers and strong opinion-makers who can indirectly sway the purchasing decisions of customers. Blogging puts you in the spotlight. If your posts offer good information, these influencers will take notice and maybe even endorse your business and open the door to new leads.

Blogging can boost your social media.

Information from blogs is shared on social media site. This means you have another window for sales opportunities. The value of blogging depends on your objectives. If they’re clear and specific, the quality of your posts is good blogging can be one of your most effective ways of hastening your business growth and making connections with your potential clients.






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