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YouTube and other video hosting sites are booming. There are video how-to’s to show you how to turn a flashlight into a laser, how to chill a Coke in two minutes and start up a PC quickly.

These instructional videos generate revenues for producers and customers for businesses.

They are also a model for the importance of information velocity – how quickly can you get the word out. Web users are eager for information. They’re want to access quality information about everything from managing investments to legal liabilities. The desire for quality (and quirky) information NOW has become an expectation of web users. And, that information should be easily accessed.

Bob’s Above-Ground Pool Shop

Information velocity has increased significantly with the advent of blogs, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and other social sites. Information is not just spread through traditional media anymore. Instead, immediate information, available in nanoseconds – that’s what today’s web user demands.

Let’s talk about how this need for information speed can help small business owner, Bob, who owns an above-ground pool company. Now, Bob sells a lot of units and even offers low-cost installation using his dedicated (though outsourced) crew, but a lot of buyers choose to save on the installation fee and install the pools without help.

Bob finds his customer care calls are going through the roof with buyers calling in with “how-to” questions. He is spending hours on the phone walking buyers through assembly – a loss of valuable, financially productive time.

So, Bob pulls out his digital video camera and develops a series of how-to videos showing the assembly of his most popular models and the models that generate the most client calls.

Bob uploads these videos to his web site and provides each buyer with the exact URL for the page where the how-to video is located. This cuts down significantly on client care cost, boosting net at the end of the day.

Even better, Bob’s buyers have immediate access to how-to information on his site. No phone queues, no “I’ll get back to you.” Information velocity has increased to the point where web users expect immediate answers, immediate gratification.

Exploiting Information Velocity

Web expectations are simple.


That means your site provides answers to common questions. It also means developing content that’s as fresh as today’s front-page news.

Read industry journals and scour the news for trends. Bring these trends to the attention of your (blog) readers. Over time, readers will bookmark your site as useful and you’ll see the semblance of a site community forming.

Provide “how-to” information in both printable text format (a printable detail showing a close-up view of a tricky step in assembly) and create a simple Flash video showing assembly steps for upload to YouTube, MetaCafé and other how-to video sites.

This expands your reach as an authority within your field and provides in-bound links from much higher-ranking sites. The key is to be there with the right information before the prospect knows s/he needs this information.

Information velocity – how quickly you can get the news out to your target demographic – will only grow in importance as our reliance on the web as marketplace grows.

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