Web apps that work for business


The most successful business owners constantly ask – how could I do this job better, faster, more effectively?

The Internet offers a plethora of applications designed to provide us with short cuts and new ways to do things – some paid and some free.

With all the options – how do you choose?

Here are some web apps you might find useful. Let us know if you have others that should be added to the list.


Dropbox is a favourite. It keeps your files synced across multiple computers and mobile devices.

You can save virtually any file and access it form anywhere. Photos, videos, music and graphic files can all be stored and accessed. The best feature is automatic syncing across all devices, whether you use a Mac, PC, iPhone Android device or iPad.

Most importantly, you can access your files on your computer even when you‘re not online, which means that you can work from anywhere.

You can even send files to non Dropbox users almost at the press of a button. 


We all need to schedule meeting and appointments. NeedToMeet lets you show people your available times without the inevitable to and fro of emails flying in every direction.

You can send invitations via the app or by email by providing your attendees a link to your available times.

This is a real winner if you want to get together for meetings or other events (even social events) with minimal phone tag and long email chains. It even works around time zones for interstate and overseas hook-ups.


Welcome to your personal cloud storage system.

Evernote gives you the ability to eliminate paper and store just about everything else in a series of filing cabinets in the cloud. Your personal workspace can store memos, articles, scans, photos and voice messages, and just about everything else and like Dropbox you can access it from multiple devices by using the Evernote app.

One of its best features is Evernote’s search engine, which makes everything you’ve stored easy to find.


BombBomb allows you to record and send a video email from almost anywhere. You can use a webcam, smartphone or camera to quickly record a message and send it to a colleague, business associate or family member.

You can also upload videos stored on your desktop or YouTube and track the number of times they have been played. If you are using it for marketing, BombBomb has an inbuilt form builder for customer response.

One of the best features is BombBomb’s notification system that tells you when a video has been opened and watched. It’s great for tracking marketing messages. A recent addition is the ability to use it with Gmail at the touch of a button.


Most businesses hold events from time to time. Managing them can be timewasting and frustrating. No matter what type of event, Trybooking can help you plan, manage, sell, and analyse it.

Features included with your account include the ability to sell tickets, collect payment, create registrations, upload seating plans and design your own tickets; as well analysing results.

It’s easy to set up, and Trybooking has a good video library to show you how to use it.




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