Using the Cloud to Increase Efficiency

The Internet has changed the way we live. Apart from creating new levels of communication and interaction it offers numerous ways to make us more efficient.

One of the simplest and most effective digital tools is an app named Evernote. It’s a digital filing cabinet in the cloud and as the name suggests you can keep your documents forever.

You can use it to file pretty well anything that would normally be on paper and you can access your records from anywhere on virtually any device. A big plus is that, as well as creating separate folders (or file drawers) you can search keywords or tags to make it easy to retrieve documents.

Evernote now has over 100 million users and the app keeps getting better and better. You can make notes on the go; take photos, store videos and anything that can be digitised.

People use it to keep everything from their personal medical records and list of current medications(always needed when you go to a new doctor) to contracts and employee records. If you travel it’s an ideal place to keep a copy of your passport, itinerary, tickets and more importantly, your travel insurance policy.

Another great feature is that Evernote provides you with an email address that allows you to send documents and even newsletters by email. Instead of having a cluttered inbox you can send marketing and other newsletters straight to your Evernote account for filing and reading at your leisure. Imagine how handy that becomes as a brainstorming tool when you are looking for new ideas.

If you have ever needed a serial number you know how frustrating it can be trying to remember where you stored the invoice or sales slip. Why not take a photo of your equipment and it’s serial number and link it to the invoice and the warranty so it’s available when you need it.

Yet another advantage is that notebooks can be shared so a family member or a staff member can add and access stored material as necessary.

Play with Evernote and you will find dozens of uses. It will make you more efficient.





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