Using networking to update cyber-crime education

Do you really network to the best of your ability or do you just accidentally talk to a few colleagues or competitors in the same industry, because you have come to know them over the course of time? With cyber-crime becoming one of the scourges of the business community, the more education you can get by collaborating through networking, the better you will be able to prepare and plan against future attacks. Networking isn’t simple and it takes effort to achieve great results, but if you want to reduce your cyber risks it’s in your best interest. 
You cannot know everything yourself Cyber criminals are forming a queue to find businesses that can be ransacked by using of the Internet and modern technology to move your money to a bank account far away. In the same way that you cannot learn everything about your business, your customers and your industry, you also cannot be expected to understand every possible type of cyber-crime that could target your business and your livelihood.
To educate yourself about the many different types of cyber-crime that can attack your business, it is to your best advantage to be resourceful and to network with people in the know, to find the best way to fight the criminals. One ant cannot do much alone, but a whole colony can devastate an entire home or property in a short period of time, when they collectively put their minds together. This is a similar advantage to pulling together knowledge, through networking, so that you do not try to fight the criminals, alone.
Who do you want to talk to? You can’t talk to everyone when there is an opportunity to network, but some individuals try so desperately to talk with everyone for a few seconds. They believe that quantity is better than quality, whereas in reality, it is not easy to open a discussion asking a competitor about their cyber-crime difficulties. You cannot simply follow up that opening gambit and ask whether they have insurance against any crimes committed through the company’s technology.   Sharing potentially private information about cyber attacks is sensitive.
That’s why your insurance broker is a great asset. He or she is talking to businesses just like yours all the time. A broker can make enquiries about another businesses cyber-crimes, how they defended them with a combination of new technology and insurance and how they dealt with closing down and cleaning their systems if it was necessary. To learn more about cyber insurance check out our video below.   





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