The Hackers Are Here

All of a sudden your website goes down. Dead. Inaccessible.

People can’t access the information on your website. Worse still, they can’t purchase anything from your e-store. It gets worse. You learn that your server has an unpatched hole that enables access to personal data (names, address credit card information etc.).

Date breaches can come from glitches in the system, attacks from malicious hackers or insiders who are either negligent or careless.

A 2011 US report found that the average cost of a data breach is something like US$194 for each record that gets compromised. Even if the number of records compromised is just a few hundred, the costs can cause a heavy strain on your profits.

Cyber insurance can give you peace of mind and protect your bottom line.

  • Fast Facts
  •  It’s probably not as expensive as you think. Cyber risk insurance is a fairly new kind of insurance and there are several companies vying for your business.
  •  The law says you’re liable for any damage or loss of customer data even if you don’t own the website. When the system shuts down and it destroys some cloud data files in the process, cyber liability insurance can be a big help.
  •  A general liability policy doesn’t usually cover any losses emanating from the Internet. Cyber liability insurance does. It even covers damaged devices caused by damaged attacks or an error by a host.
  •  If an attack occurs your will need to notify your customers about the breach, offer credit monitoring, conduct investigations, and could be in litigation.
  •  Seventy-two per cent of all data breaches happen in small or medium-sized businesses. It appears these businesses are favourite targets of online attacks.

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