Smart Tags: Reach Out To Your Clients - Part 2

As discussed yesterday, occasionally technology comes along that changes everything from the way we do business to the way we chat with family and friends. Whilst not new, smart tags are still underused.

Here are some more ways to use smart tags.

Take smaller print ads and include a smart tag that takes readers to your web site – the place where the full story of your business is told. You’ll save thousands on print advertising costs buying less space, while getting motivated site visitors eager to learn more about your business offerings.

The Possibilities Are Endless

  • Create a smart tag for every employee to simplify client engagement.
  • Use smart tags on all trade show signage for fast transfer of contact information.
  • Add a different smart tag to each product in a catalog. With a click the reader accesses more detailed information.
  • Add smart tags to your company web site. With a snap you’re bookmarked.
  • Send regular, helpful updates to smart tag opt-ins to keep them tethered to your business, even when the transaction is complete – a great way to maintain a stable client base.
  • Simplify telephone contact and eliminate endless wait time for the next client care representative. With a click, the cell phone owner gets a call from your staff. No waiting. Just real “reach-out” service.

Smart tags change the way businesses and prospects interact. No more web site opt-in modules. No more clumsy call capture. No more endless spam in the in-box. Smart tags deliver motivated, qualified prospects simply. Seamlessly.

What Smart Tags Are Best?

Smart tags are free so you don’t pay for their creation, a nice benefit if you’re producing hundreds of tags a month.

Bar codes have been around for a few decades. Smart tags are bar codes on steroids.

QR tags have also been available for several years. These bull’s-eyes with dots can be programmed to perform any number of variations on the four functions of smart tags described above.

MS Tags, also free, are available in color or black and white. These boxes of triangles are programmed by you to perform anything from the exchange of contact information to the delivery of regular store or business updates and promotions. You decide.

Smart tags will change the way you interact with prospects and clients. They’ll make you more productive, keep the database current and develop a list of prospects who receive regular, utile information from your company.

You can locate sites on line to start creating your own smart tags. Most even provide a console to more easily track what each tag does. This technology is going to change everything.

As a business owner or manager, get smart. Get smart tags and communicate “smartly” with the real world.

Part 1 of this article can be found in our previous post.





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