Smart Tags: Reach Out To Your Clients - Part 1

Occasionally technology comes along that changes everything from the way we do business to the way we chat with family and friends. Whilst not new, smart tags are still underused.

Smart tags are used by mobile phone owners who snap a picture and initiate a number of pro-active, seamless marketing initiatives. They change the way people interact with businesses, large and small.

What can smart tags do for your business? Lots.

Swap Contact Information With A Click

First, you create tags to initiate specific actions. For example, create a tag that automatically downloads all contact information on to the cell phone user’s contact list. *SNAP* your company information is stored in the cell phone contact files.

Put up a smart tag at a trade show or seminar and enable attendees to harvest contact information with a single click. Also, add smart tags to invoices, corporate reports and other business paper. Program each tag to identify the document, copy the information and send it to your company database – all with a simple click.

Print up business cards with smart tags for each member of your team. These v-cards simplify the exchange of information in a busy business world.

Give Your Clients a Call

Another use of smart tags? Program tags that initiate a telephone call. The cell phone user snaps a smart tag and the cell phone automatically dials the telephone number you program in.

Add smart tags to print advertisements. Be sure to label the tag to avoid curiosity seekers and to receive more requests from pre-qualified prospects. Businesses add smart tags to their print advertisements. A cell phone user snaps a smart tag picture and her cell phone automatically dials your call service center or sales team.

Push Information

Push information is information that business owners “push” to their prospects through PCs, mobiles, PDAs and other platforms.

Smart tags can be programmed to deliver push information to customers – news updates, coupons, sweepstakes and promotions, special offers and other incentives to connect with your company.

Any business that keeps an appointment schedule can remind cell users that they have appointments on Wednesday. Health care providers can transmit in-take forms to patients to fill out at home, saving valuable office time.

Auto repair shops can push information on tune-up needs for the family car. Push information is a pro-active approach to touching highly-qualified prospects. Remember, these prospects took the first step by snapping one of your smart tags. Those are people interested in your products or services. So…

Log On To Your Company Web Site

Smart tags can be programmed to access your company web site via cell phone. Web access, the once-exclusive domain of PCs and Macs, is changing as more cell phone users access web content through smart phones.

Program smart tags in print advertisements that automatically take the cell user to your web site – no Internet connection required. This one function can save thousands of marketing dollars annually. How?

This post will be continued tomorrow.





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