Saving a client from an unfair claim

Insurance House Workers Compensation Case Study


Client profile

Our client is a white-collar labour hire, project management, IT, staff development and training organisation. It has over 20 employees and has been in operation since 2014.

The challenge

One of our client’s employees lodged a psychological injury workers compensation claim. This employee had also been undergoing performance management, and there were numerous underlying issues present.

If accepted, this claim had the potential to become very costly for the organisation, with the flow-on effect being premium increases and an impact on the host employer.

The Insurance House solution

In order to mitigate the potential claim and any associated impact to our client, Insurance House:

  • Recommended and selected an investigator for circumstance investigation
  • Commenced discussions with witnesses
  • Reviewed witness statements, to ensure appropriate terminology was utilised.

Measurable benefits to our client

  • As a result, liability for the claim was declined
  • This was the desired result for our client and a favourable outcome for the host employer.




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