Relationships are gold to Insurance House Bendigo

Insurance House Bendigo team


Insurance broking is all about relationships, particularly in regional and rural Australia where communities are small, and everyone knows each other. It's no wonder that the mantra which serves the Insurance House Bendigo team best is 'treat clients as you would your friends'; a mantra that has never failed them. 

The trust the Bendigo team have built up in the community, particularly in the farming community, comes from doing the right thing and going the extra mile. Dennis Maw, Insurance House Bendigo's Relationship Manager comes from a farming family and has a deep understanding of the agricultural industry. He also knows that trust and relationships are very important to farmers when it comes to doing business.

Jill Maw is passionate about their clients. "I recognise our clients' voices on the phone. I know what cover they have, and in many cases I know their families and their stories," says Jill. "Many clients send their family members and friends to us when they need insurance - referrals are a main source of new business." This is a testament to the service and dedication the Bendigo team provide to the community.

Nick Best, Insurance House Bendigo's new Branch Manager, hails from the UK and has lived in Bendigo for 10 years with his wife, a Bendigo local. He has 12 years' experience in insurance and the knowledge and expertise to help businesses identify and mitigate against possible risks. "I'm looking forward to getting to know the local business community better and helping ensure their businesses and livelihoods are protected," he says. "Many businesses are doing it tough, and I want them to know that we are here for them."


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