Ready, set, go

To win a coveted gold-medal, the Olympic sprinter must leave the start line of the 100m races at least equal, if not better, than the competition.

Similarly, when you read about the different ways in which business owners begin their day, there is a consistency and a pattern for the most successful individuals; they start early and carefully plan the beginning of every business day.

Know what’s happening in advance

 We know intuitively that planning is an important part of a company’s DNA and therefore, linked to success. Good operators are always planning the future and analysing the past

  • They write a business plan before the business begins
  • They create a budget
  • They plan the marketing activities

Without planning, you miss important elements of your day

 We can certainly complete some activities on autopilot but a plan with regular routines means you don’t waste time meandering.

  • You know you’re going to drink water, orange juice and/or coffee – have it ready
  • Your keep fit clothing should be ready so you don’t have to waste time locating it
  • Your vehicle, bicycle or mode of transport will be serviced and ready to run at a moment’s notice

Efficient people will don’t waste time by worrying about the small items that will set your day off into a tangent of destruction.

This brings us to knowing what will happen throughout your next business day.

By taking time, the previous night, to assess what you intend to achieve throughout the following day, you will have shaped plans that will form the roadmap of your day’s work. By having the day planned, it will be far easier to handle a diversion knowing that you can return to your specific plans once you have dealt with an impromptu difficulty.

Sharing is caring

 By sharing your plans for the beginning of your day with those that matter, which will include family, colleagues, employees and perhaps customers, you will be able to move into your day with the full confidence of knowing that sidestepping for 30 minutes of yoga or 20 minutes to read the news on your tablet computer, will not take you out of your comfort zone, as you glide effortlessly through your day’s work.

Planning equals control. Start of your business with a plan and you control your success.

It’s not a coincidence that many successful people including Tim Cook (Apple), Richard Branson (Virgin) and Bob Iger (Disney) all start their working day before 6:00 am.





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