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Nick Konstantos, Workers Compensation Consultant

Nick Konstantos, Workers Compensation Consultant

Helping clients reduce their premium and helping employees return to work (RTW) – two of the most important things a Workers Compensation consultant can do, and this is what Nick does every day. When asked Nick says that he finds most satisfying about his role is “supporting people and helping them reach their intended goals”.

For an employer this means having a healthy workforce, reducing premiums and a well-managed workers compensation program. Like most of the Insurance House Workers Compensation Consultants, Nick has vast experience, both on the client and agent side. This is invaluable when he’s coordinating an injured worker’s case dealing with the insurer, GP, Occupational Health Provider and his client. 

Early intervention is vital and Nick benefits from Insurance House having strong working relationships with a number of Occupational Health providers. Such relationships ensure better communication and more efficient processing. This assists Nick in getting an injured worker back in sustainable employment as soon as they are ready.

Nick is also involved in running RTW training sessions with his clients, ensuring they are aware of their obligations. Nick is an integral member of the team being dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate about doing the right thing by his clients.

Yon Ta, Workers Compensation, Premium Consultant

Yon Ta, Workers Compensation, Premium Consultant

Yon’s a highly skilled specialist whose role consists of providing premium advice to clients, renewals, placements, negotiating premiums and premium projections. Yon has been with Insurance House for almost 6 years, prior to that he worked with insurers and blue-chip clients in credit management. 

His numeracy skills, attention to detail, enquiring mind and determination are highly valued. In the complex field of workers compensation premiums these are exactly the skills and qualities needed.

But more than that Yon loves his work, he’s passionate about what he does and getting wins for his clients.

Being able to achieve this across different states and territories is no mean feat, given the different legislation and agencies involved. Yon is a great asset and clients can be confident that with Yon on the case no stone will be left unturned.


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