Meet our Workers Compensation specialists

Meet the Workers Compensation team - David and Gareth


Introducing David Busuttil and Gareth Casey

Between them David and Gareth have over 40 years’ experience mostly with Workers Compensation. They’ve come from very different backgrounds and knowledge bases which adds to well of diverse experience Insurance House clients have access to in the Workers Compensation team.

David Busuttil - Victoria Workers Compensation Manager
David Busuttil - Victoria Workers Compensation Manager 


David is Insurance House’s Vic Workers Compensation Manager and has been with the company for over 8 years. Prior to this he’s held senior Workers Compensation roles at blue chip organisations such as QANTAS and Coles Myer. His understanding of the legislation, ability to think creatively when developing strategies and the ease with which he communicates at all levels are just some of the reasons his clients hold him in such high regard.

He has what most clients look for - the ability to identify red flags early and anticipate future hurdles. “I think outside the square, developing strategies and trying new things - this may involve multiple approaches looking to the future and having a plan in place for different hurdles that may arise.’ He explains. David can save his clients hundreds of thousands in Workers Compensation premiums which is why they rely on him as a trusted partner.

Luckily for Insurance House he’s passing on his knowledge through his mentoring of staff. The best advice he believes he’s been given is to “Pass on your experience and coach and develop those around you. Turn them from good consultants to great consultants”.

Gareth Casey - Workers Compensation Relationship Manager
Gareth Casey - Victoria Workers Compensation Relationship Manager 


Talking of great consultants Gareth Casey, also based in Vic, is one of Insurance House’s highly experienced Workers Compensation Relationship Managers. His journey to becoming a Workers Compensation specialist commenced with a deep understanding of the human body, which is largely what Workers Compensation is all about!

Armed with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in pharmacology, physiology and a human movement and a degree in Sports Science Exercise Physiology, Gareth commenced his career in the field. Gareth’s approach is multi-faceted, he’s the conduit between all parties, translating, synthesising, advising, advocating & if necessary, smoothing out. His aim is to make the process seamless for his client.

Having a scientific background enables Gareth to use data and insights to analyse trends. His approach is methodical, and he will never come to a client, agent or insurer unprepared. But knowing what you don’t know is almost as important as knowing what you do. Luckily, Gareth can tap into David, and the rest of the Brains Trust in the IH Workers Compensation team, if he needs to.

The workers compensation space is a dynamic and challenging one, even for experienced employers. Updates to legislation, technology, changing attitudes to work, ageing employees and changes in a company’s culture, are just some of the variables impacting outcomes. Gareth works closely with clients, agents, insurers claims specialists to safely navigates his clients through the minefield and get the best possible outcomes he can. He identifies trends based on past history and uses industry and client data to forecast.

Both David and Gareth are just two of the passionate Workers Compensation specialists at Insurance House who leave no stone unturned in their effort to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients.

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