Marketing With CRM and Mobi - Part 1

Traditional marketing channels – print ads, radio spots, direct mail and other time-tested advertising outlets – no longer pass the test. Businesses must focus their marketing dollars with laser specificity, and the old-school marketing techniques are no longer enough to grow a stable client base.

If you run an insurance broking business and you place an advert regularly in the local press, you’re being seen by fewer readers, and the circulation numbers prove that fact.

Further, print advertising, radio and electronic advertising, and even the yellow pages, reach a large, unfocused demographic. You pay that newspaper so every subscriber sees your quarter-page advertisement even though only a small percentage of readers are looking for a financial advisor or business consultant at the moment. Your business pays ad rates based on circulation. The more readers, the higher the cost of a column inch.

Today, business owners have several tools that focus marketing with pinpoint accuracy, targeting prospects, leads and existing clients throughout the sales arc – end to end, from first engagement to a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship.

Customer Relationship Management Software and Why You Want It

If you don’t have a CRM package, get one. Even the open-source (free) CRMs offer value in tracking client and customer activity.

CRM is used company wide by all approved personnel to track customer activity from an initial telephone call to a trouble ticket from a long-time buyer who needs help NOW!

CRM lowers client care costs by automating routine functions. For example, once a prospect is entered in to the CRM, that company contact receives automated e-mail updates from a business selling products or services of interest to that prospect.

Leads, which are prospects who have shown a genuine interest in your products or services, receive regular telephone calls, emails, SMS messages, newsletters and other correspondence. And the great thing about CRM? Correspondence can be customised and automated, meaning it’s created once and delivered with a personal greeting and a catchy headline in the e-mail subject box to ensure digital correspondence is read, not sent to the spam folder.

Further, CRM is essential to maintaining a happy, quickly expanding customer base.

CRM provides an expansive view of company marketing, simplifying the process of reaching out to a highly targeted market. This marketing is pro-active and focused, unlike traditional marketing outlets in which small business owners pay the rate and hope for the best. With CRM, you know who needs a call, an email, a fix or solution.

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