It's the personal touch that makes brokers choose Insurance House Advance

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At Insurance House Advance, the team know every Authorised Representative (AR) by name, and often by voice across the 45+ AR offices around Australia. The team's commitment to ARs is unsurpassed, they are at the heart of the Insurance House Advance's Partner network.

Responsiveness to the needs of ARs is what the team considers core business and crucial for everyone's success. As Richard Davies, Network Operations Manager says, "Whatever the issue or query, technical or otherwise, we'll respond with an email and usually a phone call as well, just to ensure that the AR has the answers or solutions required. We want to be there for our ARs and support them when they need it. If that means having a conversations with an AR on a Sunday while I'm on the golf course, I'm happy to assist."

We're always contactable

Everything about the Advance network is centred on people. All else being equal, they believe it's their people that make the biggest difference. "When you join the Advance network, you join a community of specialists that will look after you. We bring the personal touch to our type of professionalism. We're always contactable and the team here have built strong, personal connections with all our ARs, no matter where they are," says Jim Karafilis, Head of Insurance House Advance.

Authorised Reps are often small business owners and keeping abreast of everything including compliance changes, product updates and legal issues can be challenging. But the Advance team keep ARs informed of what's going on and what they need to know, helping them stay ahead of the curve. David Stott, an Advance AR reflects on this.

"The Advance team sift through a mountain of industry information and collate the key pieces in one spot. Whether you need to research a policy, or you are looking for an underwriter's contact details whilst on the road, they make it much easier to stay current and connected," he said.

This culture goes far beyond the Advance team. The ARs themselves have formed a tight network, and how the ARs help and support each other is an important feature of this network. Advance ARs regularly contact other Advance ARs to share knowledge, information and experiences. ARs say that the strength of relationships that exist within the network and with the Advance staff is something they truly value.

Providing practical and emotional support during COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has had a severe impact on businesses in general, and ARs have had to deal with clients who are hurting at this time. Therefore, their need for practical and emotional support and advice has been greater than usual. The Advance team understood this and ramped up their contact with ARs significantly. They have run extra Zoom meetings, webinars and have been in regular one-on-one contact with ARs to ensure that they are fully supported in these challenging times.

"COVID-19 has challenged us and I'm very proud of the team and how they have stepped up to the plate to ensure our ARs feel fully supported. I feel sure that the success of Advance is largely due to the shared values and sense of community within the group. Regardless of what gets thrown at us, we'll always strive for the highest quality of service and professionalism every day," says Jim.


If you're interested in learning more about the Advance Authorised Representative network, please call Jim Karafilis on 03 9235 5203 or email him at


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