Is Outsourcing Right for You?

Outsourcing is about being able to accept more work and make more money without putting in much more effort.

What is outsourcing?

Put simply, outsourcing is the process of sending work to individuals or companies external to your own business so that you don’t have to complete them yourself. It can involve outsourcing an entire project, or parts of it when you don’t have the time or perhaps lack the skills to tackle it yourself.

In simple terms, it is employing another person, often on a casual basis, to do a job or part of a job that you need to have completed. It differs from the usual way a company distributes work to its employees because those employees are just that – employed.

Work that is outsourced might go to teams of outsourcees or even a permanent outsourced employee.

If you choose a casual arrangement they are not on a regular wage so they are effectively a self-employed sub-contractor who is able to find work wherever they like.

Why outsource?

For the business owner, there are several benefits.

Firstly, they can take on extra work they would not be able to handle on their own due to time constraints and usually you can outsource to suitably qualified individuals for a lower price.

When a reliable team of outsourcees has been established and work is regularly farmed out to them, a healthy income stream can be produced for the outsourcer with minimal work beyond securing the job, checking the finished product, and finally delivering it to the client.

Secondly, you can take on extra work that you would not be able to handle due to a skills deficit. This may mean outsourcing a technical aspect of a project that is beyond your expertise. (As an example, web design involves several diverse skills, and they may not all be present in a single web designer. The actual programming skills may be lacking or they may not be confident with content writing).

Thirdly, you are able to build a business that brings in far higher profits than could be achieved by operating on your own. The business may even be able to scale back his or her personal workload and spend more quality time with family or pursuing more enjoyable non-paying activities.

Finding the right outsources

Anyone who has been in business for some time should already know of the key industry websites where potential outsourcees offer their services. If not a Google search will find at least a few starting points.

The other option is to tap the contacts you already have and ask for word-of-mouth recommendations. Chances are you will already know of people who might be able to do the work, but you may not know if they are willing to accept outsourced work. There is no harm and certainly no insult in asking the question. They may be grateful to be offered the opportunity and it could be the start of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

What kind of work lends itself to outsourcing?

The easiest types of work to outsource are those that can be accomplished over the Internet, and passed from outsourcer to outsourcee and back again that way. This opens up the chance of outsourcing to virtually anywhere in the world where a reliable Internet connection exists and a reliable and skilled individual can be found.

Common areas where this takes place are in web design, graphic design, book design, proofreading, copy editing, Internet marketing, and writing projects such as search engine optimisation and content writing for websites. It is also perfectly workable to outsource certain jobs to a remote personal assistant (sometimes called a virtual assistant), who is tasked with taking care of various aspects of your business that you do not have the time to deal with. In effect, they are an ‘on-call’ secretary who doesn’t need a desk in your office.

Overall, outsourcing is one of the best ways to work smart. It earns you money and saves you time. Building a reliable team can take a while, but the rewards are well worth the effort.






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