Insurance is Complex

Not a lot of small business owners understand the nuances when it comes to insurance.

Business interruption policies insure the businesses cash flow. There is much more to protecting a business than simply insuring its assets. Owners and investors expect income and income is required to pay the operating costs of the business.

Profit and ongoing expenses, including staff expenses and borrowing costs, are all insurable and should be protected – that’s why you need Business Interruption insurance.

Insurance House brokers have detailed knowledge of which insurer and their products are best suited to each business.

They know what types of protection are the most important to you and your business given your individual circumstances. More importantly they can help you develop and maintain a detailed recovery plan.

But perhaps their most important job is to offer advice on how to best handle your claim and assist you in the process.

At Insurance house we have developed a state of the art online claims management facility. Check out our video to see how it works.





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