Insurance House raises hands for Free 3D Hands

Rock a sock


We're not just about insurance here at Insurance House. We believe it's vitally important to give back and support our local communities and others in need, which is why we actively support several charities and organisations.

One of the charities that we're excited to be supporting this year is Free 3D Hands. This charity is the brainchild of Mat Bowtel, a deeply caring and socially conscious biomechanical engineer. They create assistive devices for those who are differently limbed - for free!

Mat spoke at Insurance House's annual End of Year Conference last year. Our staff were inspired by him and the work he does, so we decided to help him in any way we could.



Our Raising Hands initiative comprises of several fundraising days throughout 2020, with the ultimate goal of raising enough money to pay for 1000 hands. It costs $15 for Free 3D Hands to print, assemble and send a hand to a recipient, so we'll be working hard to raise funds throughout the year.

Our very first fundraising day was Rock a Sock Day on Friday 13th of March. Staff donated to receive a pair of socks and "rocked" a sock on their hand to experience what life would be like with limited use of that hand.

We're proud to say that our staff stepped up to the challenge and dug deep. In total, we raised $2310, which equates to 154 hands!

To learn more about Free 3D Hands or donate, visit their website here.






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