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Fire and hail are two of the big risks that can hit a farmer's crop. They can damage or destroy your crop while impacting your bottom line, and your livelihood.

Life is busy enough without worrying about whether you'll earn money off your crops if something happens to them due to fire or hail damage. That's where crop insurance becomes vitally important. It's designed to safeguard your crop yield by reducing your risk and helping protect you financially should your crops be impacted at any point in time by an insurable event. 

The team here at Insurance House is made up of insurance specialists, including those who have expertise in agriculture and crop insurance. They're locals who have experienced drought conditions, so they understand the hardship and extreme weather issues that farmers are facing firsthand. Based on this experience, they can provide the most appropriate advice for your situation.


What does the policy involve and how do I get it?

A basic crop insurance policy covers your crop in cases of damage from:

  • Fire and hail
  • Livestock intrusion
  • Overspray
  • Temporary storage

"Getting a quote is quite simple," says Sarah Lightfoot, one of the Relationship Managers from Insurance House's Tamworth branch. "We just need basic information about your crop type, what area you're located in and the value of your crop."

From there, your Insurance House Relationship Manager goes out to the market and comes back with a variety of quotes that best suit your needs.


Why Insurance House?

"The difference between us and other brokers is our knowledge, expertise and our relationships with our clients," says Sarah. "Relationships are an integral part of our job."

This idea has been reflected in a change that has been made across the board in every Insurance House office. We now call our insurance brokers, Relationship Managers to reinforce that everything that we do is about the relationship we have with out clients.

Will Mitchell, our Tamworth Relationship Manager, reflects on this change. "Relationships are definitely the most important part and we work hard to ensure that our relationships with clients are honest and transparent. Insurance is technical and can be complicated, so in turn, our clients trust our knowledge and expertise to provide them with the most appropriate advice for their needs," he says.


To learn about crop insurance and how Insurance House can help you protect your livelihood, visit our crop insurance page today. 


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