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Not many people working in the field of Workers Compensation get excited when they hear the words “Premium Increase’’ or ‘Claims Frustration’’ that’s for sure, but to Iain Lumsden these are music to his ears. When he hears these words, he knows he can put his workers compensation skills, knowledge and, most of all, his experience to work. Helping clients reduce their workers compensation premiums and improve employer outcomes is what gives Iain his greatest job satisfaction.

Iain Lumsden - Senior Relationship Manager










Iain Lumsden

Iain’s a specialist with a depth and breadth of experience that money can’t buy. He’s knowledgeable in Work Health and Safety Act, NSW Codes of Practice, Work Health and Safety Regulation NSW 2017 (NSW). Working with clients from different industries, he develops strategies and control measures that may help reduce their workers compensation premiums.

Only experience provides the insight needed to operate effectively in this challenging field.

With 16 years’ experience under his belt, 4 as a consultant in Insurance House and 12 in claims management and technical roles, clients know that they can trust his advice. They rely on him to cut through the noise and identify risks and hazards impacting their premiums. He then works with them to help minimise or eliminate impediments impacting premium.

It helps that Iain doesn’t see his role with clients as that of a supplier, but rather a partner. Immersing himself in his client’s business, he identifies key stakeholders, builds relationships and trust, which then leads to better engagement with all relevant parties.

“I can help the parties involved appreciate the other’s objectives and come together to address the core challenge”.

“I often find, particularly with multi-state organisations, that there’s a misalignment in workers compensation strategies between executives and workers at the coal face. Each have different drivers and often these are not clearly understood” Iain says,  “I can help the parties appreciate the other’s objectives and come together to address the core challenge”.

Iain also advises his clients on how best to navigate claims to help ensure a smooth process; knowing the ins-and-outs of complex Workers Compensation legislation helps. Only experience provides the insight needed to operate effectively in this challenging field.

Being a father to three keeps Iain busy outside work and sport is Iain’s other great passion. He actually has a degree in Sports Science and is a soccer coach to a representative team and treasurer of local swimming club. “Being able to gauge different people, communicate and motivate are possibly the most important skills in coaching, and I suppose business” he says.  He considers himself very lucky to have found a career he loves where he helps clients effectively manage their workers compensation and can improve employer outcomes.

While Iain works with clients helping them with premium reducing strategies, Tash Hutchin proactively manages day to day Workers Compensation issues including claims.

Tash Hutchin - Workers Compensation Consultant










Tash Hutchin

Tash is trusted by her clients to remain calm and focussed and guide them through what can often be an emotional experience. No two cases can be handled the same, which is where her experience, ability to think outside the box, communications skills and empathy come into play.

For example, if an employee hurts their back Tash will receive the Certificate of Capacity, discuss the claim with the client and lodge the claim. This isn’t always straight forward. For example, an employee may choose to lodge a claim 12 months after their injury. Tash will gather medical evidence and provide her own notes as to the validity of the claim when she submits the claim.

Tash Psych claims experience is invaluable.

Tash has a particular interest in psych claims which are increasingly common. “A lot of employers are unaware that in order for a psychological claim to be accepted by the scheme agent, employment needs to be the main contributing factor, not a significant contributing factor. So, it’s about getting on the phone and asking those questions and getting an independent medical examination right away. I need to be proactive from the get-go” she explains.  “ If a psychological claim is not managed correctly from the start it can have a significant and negative impact on our clients premium, she adds. Tash works hard to ensure that these types of claims are handled correctly right from the start.

This is just one example of how Tash helps her clients, and it requires strong technical knowledge and understanding of Workers Compensation legislation. Tash is such a passionate operator, and this shines through.

I’ve been in the case manager’s seat…”

One of the many things Tash loves about this job is the flexibility to think outside the box, while acting within the legislation. With her many years’ experience, Tash can think on her feet when presented with a difficult situation, “I’ve been in the case manager’s seat in previous roles, and I know what to look for when it comes to the strategic next steps to manage a claim.” Says Tash

Tash’s remit is to help ensure the best outcomes for the employer and employee.  She works hand in hand with her client, the insurer’s claims department and health professionals, as necessary. She’ll stay on top of the progress of claims and work with stakeholders to iron-out any issues to help ensure that correct and due process takes place. With Tash overseeing claims, there’s less chance important factors are overlooked or claims mishandled.

Tash is always on hand for her clients to assist the business with cashflow by liaising with the State’s insurance body to arrange payment plans or making mid-term changes to wages estimates. Tash is about finding solutions to fit her clients’ needs irrespective of their circumstances.


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