How to prepare your business for the holiday season

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While one of our favourite times of the year, the festive season does come with an increased amount of risk for some businesses. Extra staff, increased customer numbers, extended opening hours or hosting a festive celebration can all add to an increase in incidents.

Here are a couple of measures to help prepare and protect your business this festive season.


Implement safety measures

Planning on putting up Christmas decorations or a Christmas display? Make sure to secure any Christmas trees and decorations to ensure trees and decorations can’t be knocked over or fall over and injure customers or employees. Similarly, tape down any loose cords from Christmas lights to reduce tripping hazards.


Manage your temporary staff

If you’ve hired temporary staff to assist during the busy period, it’s important to ensure that they’re appropriately inducted, trained and managed. Without the proper training and management, they can potentially cause accidents and injure themselves, other staff or customers, effecting your productivity or even harming your business’ reputation.


Have realistic deadlines

Are your staff hurrying to finish up business before you shut down for the year? Or are they hurrying to unpack copious amounts of stock or ingredients by a certain day or time? By putting unrealistic deadlines on your staff, you run the risk them injuring themselves as they rush to unpack stock, potentially incorrectly storing food in their haste or working long hours, exhausting themselves mentally and making mistakes. The onus is on you as the owner and manager – be organised, get stock in early so staff have enough time to unpack and store it and if need be, hire extra staff to get the work done before your deadlines.


If your business is closed for the holiday break

If you’re taking a well deserved break between the Christmas and New Year period, lucky you! Here are a number of things to consider when closing your business for the break:

  • Ensure the alarm is working correctly and is activated when you leave
  • Check all emergency contact details are up to date with your security provider, landlord or local authority
  • Check all doors, windows and other access points are locked
  • Make sure external lighting is operational
  • Check that non-essential building utilities and equipment have been safely isolated
  • Remove all external waste, pallets and empty skips. Empty bins and move them 10 meters from building where possible
  • Ensure the fire alarm is operational and any faults are reported and rectified
  • Check all sprinkler systems are fully operational
  • Check CCTV is operational with adequate lighting for filming at night


Make sure you’re covered

The silly season is called the silly season for a reason. People are busy and enjoying festivities leaving little time for anything else. One thing you should make time for is checking your insurance to ensure you are adequately covered. Speak to an Insurance House Relationship Manager today and they’ll take a comprehensive look at your business and help identify any gaps in your current insurance coverage preventing unexpected surprises at claim time.

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Our advice is general in nature. To read the full General Advice Warning click here.






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