Harvest Hazard & Risk



October 2017 Safety Bulletin published by in-house Agri-business Risk Consultant Richard Read of Read Consulting Group.

With harvest, soon to commence across much of Australia, Work Health Safety and Operational Risks will be increased during this period. For harvest workers, longer hours will be worked which may create fatigue issues if not managed accordingly. Please find information below regarding harvest risks and safety.


General Safety Recommendations

  • Safety induction of all staff and contractors that includes an understanding of known hazards/risks (e.g. a checklist), worksite preferred controls for these, emergency procedures and contact details.
  • Training and instruction - train workers how to use machinery safely and make sure that safe work procedures are followed. Ensure that all persons are properly trained for the work they are assigned.
  • Consultation – Ensure workers are regularly consulted throughout harvest in regards to risks are raised and addressed to prevent incidents occurring.
  • Roles, Risks and Tasks - Ensuring all staff and contractors have a clear understanding of roles, risks and tasks.
  • Silos & Field Bins - Do not enter field bins or silos when grain is being emptied, staying hydrated and taking regular breaks.


Click to download the full Hazard & Risk Controls information sheet.





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