Good marketing is good business

It’s a pretty basic concept that a successful business must have effective marketing strategies. Another basic concept is that 50% of marketing is wasted; the problem is that we seldom know which 50%.

With the internet offering an ever increasing array of options, there are some weird and wonderful ideas out there, however if you are trying to save money here are some effective yet pocket friendly ways to market your business.

Use Case Studies

You already have some satisfied customers. Ask them for feedback. Interview them or have them fill out a short questionairre that contains the information that other potential customers may need.


One of the most common and effective methods of marketing is blogging. you can  post information about new products and their uses, upcoming events, news about your company, and videos relating to your business. Starting one requires no money because sites like WordPress offer it for free. keep your content fresh and include information that is useful to your target market. A strong media presence can bring in more sales.

Utilise Forums

There are many people who search for solutions. Forums are a great place to post their problems hoping someone can offer a good solution. Apple facilitates forums for its users even the ones that complain about something. There are forum search services like that will help you to find these inquiring potential customers and answer their questions.

Get on Google Maps

This is a no brainer. It’s free to have your company listed online, that way clients who are around your area and looking for your product or service can easily locate you. Many times they don’t know where to go and you’ll be the first option. Go to places. It’s free publicity.

Get Applications

If you would like to get more presence online, get apps. for example lets you customise your apps based on your business.  The apps will get your business listed on Google,, Facebook and other sites that many people frequent.  You will also be able to manage your AdWords campaign without much difficulty. This is not a free service but the rewards can be great.

Facebook Stories

You might have noticed that only 10% of your followers are able to see your Facebook posts. This is where sponsored stories comes in. They allows more people to view your page. These promoted stores capture more people and allow you to interact with your readers. Interaction with potential customers is key in increasing sales. You may want to first give it a try by spending no more than $50.00. If you like the outcome then you can increase your spend.





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