Get The Experience You Need To Succeed - Part 2

Senior job seekers between the ages of 40 and 70 often face an uphill battle to find a position that pays well, encourages new ideas, and respects these talented workers for the experience they bring to the office every day.

In part 2 of this discussion we look at the specific skills senior works bring to a business.

In addition to real world experience, seniors bring attitudes and behavioural skills to the workplace.

Most seniors have developed leadership skills. 

They’ve seen the challenge before and know how to lead your company in addressing new challenges that occur daily.

These men and women are also skilled in managing younger workers who are moving up the ladder. Your younger employees have a mentor to whom they can turn when you hire the experience of senior employees.

Seniors tend to be more patient, with excellent people and communication skills.  

In many cases, these job prospects have held high-level positions in large enterprises. They’ve dealt with a “pressure-cooker” business environment for years. Not only do senior employees know how to handle the pressure, they pass on these skills to younger workers in the business.

Older workers tend to be more focused.

They aren’t starting a career. They aren’t climbing the ladder. They’ve done that, so older workers bring increased focus to business activity. Seniors are less concerned with a big promotion and more concerned with getting the work done, and done properly.

Senior staff members are loyal.  

Young employees are more likely to move from one job to another, always looking for the next rung of the success ladder.

Older workers are less likely to move on, keeping your company’s training and investment in a new hire within the business. Train a recent graduate and they’re more likely to take a higher paying job, or a position with more potential to grow. Your company loses the investment made in that young member of the team now moved on.

Seniors believe in honest pay for an honest day’s work.  

Indeed, seniors know the rules of the workplace, and they respect these rules. Older employees have a reliable work ethic that can benefit your business for years. Lower rates of absenteeism, a willingness to accept management’s direction, and good business practices that benefit your business come to work when you hire senior employees who have traditional values when it comes to working hard.

Seniors know people who know people. 

Chances are, a senior employee “knows someone who knows someone.” Through years of networking within your industry sphere, older workers know who to call when your business needs a little help

Hiring a 50 plus manager delivers immediate benefits. Older employees have seen it, done it, survived it, and solved it before.

With age comes experience, a change in goals, a good attitude developed over years of punching in on time, networks, and tactics that have been successful for previous employers that can now be used by your business.

Senior workers aren’t broken, or out of touch. They’re an excellent resource for growing businesses in Australia, and around the globe.

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