Get The Experience You Need To Succeed - Part 1

Senior job seekers between the ages of 45 and 70 often face an uphill battle to find a position that pays well, encourages new ideas, and respects these talented workers for the experience they bring to the office every day.

Australians are living longer. We’re working longer because we want to, and in some cases, we need to. We take on new challenges as we age, confident that we can meet that challenge using the experience garnered over the decades in the trenches.

Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t recognise the value senior employees deliver to the workplace. Older workers are perceived to be less motivated than younger workers, out of touch with new technology, and too old to learn new tricks.

Don’t believe these myths, these stereotypes. Older workers not only bring a healthy work ethic to the job, they also bring experience and knowledge that can only be developed on the job.

The advantages of hiring older workers are well documented, and older Australians are making a contribution to the nation’s GDP when, only a few years ago, seniors were thought to be a drain on our country’s resources. Quite the opposite is true, in fact.

National Seniors Australia has even developed a “tool kit” – “a practical manual that takes employers through the step-by-step process of retraining and recruiting older workers.” The tool kit, a detailed brochure on technology and best work practices in the digital age, was introduced by treasurer Hockey recently in Sydney.

Mr Hockey spoke at a Bunnings store and complimented Bunnings on the fact that 25% of the chain’s employees are 50 plus years old.

“The very public embrace of a diverse workforce sends a message to every other employer that if you think about removing age discrimination, you can be extremely profitable,” Minister Hockey stated at the launch of the senior’s tool kit in Sydney.

National Seniors chief executive, Michael O’Neill, supported the Treasurer’s beliefs. “Astute employers already know that older workers can bring vital experience and skills to their business, enhance their reputation and boost the bottom line.”

In other words, older employees fit in with even fledging businesses in the early stages of growth.

Hire Seniors: The Experience Is Free

Hire a recent grad from university and you get textbook answers to real-world challenges. Yes, men and women entering the work force bring new ideas, the latest in business technology skills, and a dedication and determination to move ahead.

Senior employees have real world experience because they’ve been out there working with real clients, real customers, real vendors, sub-contractors – they know the territory better than their younger counterparts simply because they’ve been at it longer, and have encountered a more expansive roster of challenges.

When you hire a 50-year-old employee, you not only get an eager worker, you get decades of experience – part of the package when older employees join company ranks.

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