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By Dean Pinataro - Senior Account Manager


In the transport industry, vehicle downtime equals money lost – and that’s why, as a leading insurance broker with a wide range of transport carrier clients, Insurance House is focussed on achieving the fastest possible claim resolution times for you.

We bring a fresh mind, new ideas, great service and extensive transport industry knowledge and experience to re-imagine your approach to insurance. Just as importantly, when it comes to claims time, we aim to get you the best possible results. In the transport industry we know that means fast!

How do we do this? Well, our dedicated claims team are great at their job and understand the importance of getting your vehicles back on the road quickly after an accident. Every time you have a claim they respond quickly and help you through the process as effectively as possible. Basically, you will be dealing with one of the most passionate and efficient claims team in the market. We leverage our relationship with your insurer to pro-actively manage the claim on your behalf. Getting your vehicle back on the road as fast as possible is our number one priority.


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There is a lot more we offer too. Not having any incidents at all is, of course, preferable to any business. That’s why we are proactive about risk management and seek to work with our clients to help reduce incidents, especially across their fleet. Better risk management means fewer incidents, fewer claims, meaning less money lost on vehicle downtime – and just as importantly, in the long run, this approach can also lead to reduced premiums.

We thoroughly review your insurance portfolio and use our insight and expertise to ensure it is optimised for your business needs. We tailor a strategy for the placement of your insurance program. At a high level our recommended strategy looks to follow these 4 stages:


Stage 1: Discovery – formal reviews, workshops and discovery sessions with both yourself and your insurers

Stage 2: Remarketing – depending on your specific needs or requests we can go to the market and seek alternative recommendations

Stage 3: Placement – formal acceptance and documented steps to give you confidence your covers have been affected as per your instructions

Stage 4: Implementation – ongoing key stakeholder engagement and account servicing.


Regardless of how many any of the above stages we need to work through with you, two outcomes remain the same. We work to ensure your insurance portfolio is appropriate for your business and that you are not paying for insurance you don’t need.

If you would like to discuss your insurance requirements with us, don’t hesitate to contact me directly at any time. I can be reached at or on 03 9235 5217.


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