Even lawyers can make mistakes

A client of a law firm had a specific provision in her will for certain assets to go to a son from her first marriage. Her current husband had no knowledge of the child and she instructed her lawyer to keep her will confidential until she died.

Her husband requested copies of documents held by the firm and a junior lawyer sent him a copy of his wife’s will in error.

The lady’s secret was out and it eventually led to a breakdown of the marriage and considerable distress. As a result she started an action against the law firm seeking compensation for emotional harm.

This is an example of the types of claims we see on a regular basis at Insurance House. That’s why professional indemnity insurance (PI) is essential if you give advice, training, information or provide consultancy services.

Many professionals struggle to imagine a claim being made against them but Insurance House experience confirms that mistakes frequently occur litigation occurs on a regular basis.

Here’s a video that explains PI insurance in more detail.




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