Does Your Business Have A Mobile Strategy?

Whether you’re a one-person business, or one of Australia’s global enterprises, your business needs mobility. You have to be able to move employees, products, services, raw materials, and information quickly.

Work isn’t a place any more – a place you go to every day. Today, work is an activity that takes place anywhere – from here to way over there. Work has gone mobile and if you’re not on the move, your company is just spinning its wheels.

Why a mobile strategy? Because you and your team are on the go.

Today, more and more employees are mobile. If they’re sitting at a desk, they aren’t out there adding to the client or customer base. More importantly, younger employees are entering the work force every day.

These new hires use mobile technology for everything – from placing an order on line to setting up auto bill payments at their banks. The ability to use mobi tech is a skill that is increasingly in demand, making these Gen X, and Gen Y members, and Millennials increasingly more valuable to you.

Use mobile tech more. Mobile technology isn’t about calling home to check on dinner. In fact, mobi tech is the fastest-growing means of accessing the Internet.

Using smartphones or tablets, your remote site employees can access the Internet anywhere within range of a cell tower.

Use smart phone technology to do more, do it faster, and at a lower cost.

Collect payments from remote work sites at the time services or products are delivered using mobi tech that syncs up to your company accounts. It’s safe, highly-encrypted, and you increase the rate of cash flow. No more “Net 30.” Money goes straight into the company account.

Move on-the-road employees where they’re most needed now. Mobile technology includes GPS mapping so you know where your people are at all times. You can contact a technician on the road to reschedule, saving time and boosting productivity.

Save on collection costs. No paper bills. No postage. No trips to the company bank. Snap a picture of the paper check, send it to your bank, and it clears faster. You’re paid.

Order inventory just-in-time. Unsold or unused inventory sitting in the warehouse costs money – money you don’t have to spend ahead of schedule. Set up delivery schedules with your suppliers, use less warehouse space, and hold on to working capital longer.

Bring your own device (BYOD). This trend has really taken off. Employees use their own smartphones to conduct business. Each employee knows how to use the smartphone features, employees have access to business information on their schedules, and your company doesn’t have to purchase thousands of dollars of smart phones when employees BYOD to work every day.

Mobility creates business scalability. You don’t need more office space if workers tele-commute. These home-based workers don’t have to fight traffic, so they get more done.

Mobile tech enables you to grow your company as needed – scalability. If you don’t need 2,000 onsite employees, why pay for the additional space. Also, as more businesses outsource services, keeping in touch with a new provider is simple with a mobile strategy.

Work on your schedule. Mobi enables you and your staff to work on individual schedules. If you’re a morning person, you can get a lot done using mobile tech before that first cup of coffee.

Weekends are a great time to get caught up on your business workload, or read a few industry journals using smartphone or tablet readers.

Market your business using mobi. Use smart tags – QR tags, MS tags, or bar codes – to push information to highly-qualified leads – leads that have asked for the information by snapping a picture of the smart tag you’ve created.

Send incentives like coupons to customers or prospects to pull them into your brick-and-mortar shop. Take smartphone owners to your company website using mobile technology.

You can even program a smart tag to auto-dial one of your customer care or sales reps. Just take a picture of the smart tag, and the smartphone dials itself!

Use mobi to take pictures of insurance claims, needed replacement parts or anything else from customer locations. If something is broken, take a picture, and enter the replacement order using mobile tech. Fast, simple, done.

There’s a great big marketplace out there and mobile technology is your access point.

Check out our claims video to see how we use mobile technology at Insurance House.






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